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Products, Services and Know-How from One Source – because Engineering Simulation is more than just Software

  • Develop Ground-Breaking Innovations
  • Set New Standards in Product Quality
  • Cut Costs and Development Time

Engineering Simulation opens up a huge range of possibilities. Since CAE-simulation requires more than just software, CADFEM supplies all the tools which are critical for success in simulation - all from one source that offers leading software and IT-solutions, support, consultancy as well as transfer of know-how.

Founded in 1985, CADFEM is one of the pioneers of numerical simulation based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). CADFEM is one of the largest European suppliers of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). We work closely with ANSYS, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of CAE-software. Since several years, CADFEM is the ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Through CADFEM International, our Products, Services, and Know-how are also provided by local CADFEM companies worldwide: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, India, China, the United States and North Africa. This helps us supporting our global customers with local companies and expertise.

CADFEM Simulation Tomorrow


Standard and Individual Training

Whether your a novice or an experienced simulation engineer, you will want to consider some of our many training programs.

  • Optimal Use of Simulation Software
  • Introductory and In-Depth Courses
  • Classroom or On-Site Courses

Customized Solutions

Are you struggling with an engineering problem? Do you find the need to build a custom-built solution? We can help!

By the way of consulting, we perform concept analyses, software development, and documentation. In addition to our engineering results, you receive finished computational models and documented solutions.


Your Start in the World of Simulation

You may have already recognized the benefits of simulation-driven product development, but are you hesitant or unsure of taking the first steps towards it? Don't worry. We'll get you started!

  • Introduce Simulation without Risk
  • 4 Steps to be Operational
  • Support throughout the Implementation

ANSYS Student

Are you an engineering student who is curious about the world of simulation? If yes, you should test-drive state-of-the-art simulation software free of cost.

ANSYS Student is a free ANSYS software package for engineering students who want to use ANSYS software for numerical simulation to gain experience.

More on ANSYS Website


CADFEM's ANSYS ATC (Authorized Training Center) is a one-stop source for knowledge sharing to fulfill the skill gap between industry and academia.

The motto behind ATC is to provide industry-ready manpower by giving industry-assimilated training programs for new engineers with no prior industry experience; they will be certified by ANSYS, Inc.


Simulation-Ready Hardware

If you want to choose the right hardware for your simulation job, you should talk to us. Using our vast experience with simulations, we possess the know-how on selecting the most optimized hardware for simulations.

We plan, implement, and support hardware IT solutions for fast evaluation of detailed simulation models. We consult and offer stand-alone workstations, cluster solutions and data centers with complete IT management.